Jewellery Care


• Any skin or hair product can cause tarnishing or discolouring, so we recommend you apply any perfume, body lotion or scents and let dry before put on jewellery.

• Removing any jewellery before shower or doing any physical works to prevent physical damage or exposure to chemicals.

• Removing any jewellery before entering swimming pool or spa as chemicals could cause tarnishing or discolouring, 


• We recommend storing jewellery in airtight bag, exposure to the air could cause tarnishing especially sterling silver and gold jewellery.

• Store jewellery seperately or wrap with acid free tissue to avoid them  scratch against each other.



• To clean your sterling silver jewellery, use warm and gentle soapy water and a soft toothbrush and let dry completely before storing. Tarnish could be removed by silver polishing cloth. Please beware that polishing cloth could make jewellery surface shiny.

• Heavy tarnish could be remove by dipping in silver dip solution and always cleaning with warm soapy water again after.

• We do not recommend cleaning any jewellery with pearl or gemstone with silver dip or silver polishing cloth.

• Any oxidized sterling silver jewellery should not be cleaned with water or polishing cloth as the oxidized surface will wear off. If you need to clean, please use soft sponge or cotton wipe gently. To give oxidized silver jewellery fresh look, you can rub it gently using cotton with chemical-free wax. 


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